Whether you are a food processing facility, a grocery store with speciality foods, a personal chef, or a restaurant with a take away menu, the tray sealing machines are completely suitable for you. With using tray sealers for sealing either CPET, APET or PP food packaging trays will certainly make your task much easier and assure your customers that you are a viable solution to their quest for a healthy meal choice.

Tray sealing machines are complete and ready to seal your selected food packaging containers and will give you the professional look that you want your customers to see. Food packaging containers with your amazing foods make a perfect match. Traysealers can make automatic sealing with facilities for vacuum and/or gas injected packages. This type of machine is also exclusively aimed at the food market.

The last but not least, low investment, easy programming and flexibility explain the popularity of tray sealing machines. In brief, it is perfect thing that “Packaging of meat, vegetables, fruit, ready made meals portioned in practical trays with a professional presentation”