• Processing and packaging of organic products and 5179 dated 27/5/2004 on Production, Consumption and Inspection of the provisions of the Law on the Adoption of the Amendment to the Decree Law on the following rules shall be complied with.
  • Processed food or food-producing entrepreneurs, or outsource critical processing steps of processors based on the systematic identification of the appropriate forms and procedures will update them. Implementation of procedures and processed products must always be guaranteed by compliance with the rules of organic production.
  • Entrepreneur or outsource processors of organic products during processing, mixing or contamination of the organic products are not appropriate regulation to prevent and take necessary measures to protect the quality of the organic product and with its internal reporting procedures, and processed-to-date record of all amounts required to provide access.
  • Entrepreneur, processing or storage of products in non-organic, all action is complete, or separately at different places to perform the activities. Substances or products are not allowed to protective measures should be taken to avoid any risk of contamination, by applying the appropriate hygiene measures, their effectiveness should be monitored and work should be recorded.
  • Entrepreneur of non-organic products and take adequate measures against possible interference or changes in the supply of organic products in the identification, organic and non organic products store at the same time. Enterprising harvest days, hours, circuit and date and time information in the records of the amount accepted, and allows authorized organization.
  • the processing of organic products other than wine; on August 10, 2010 published in Official Gazette No. 27676 of the Regulation on Organic Farming Principles and Practices of Organic Processed Foods specified in Appendix 8 of the Maya and the Maya used the manufacture of products, materials and products of microorganisms and enzymes normally used in food preparations, natural aromatic substances and preparations, drinking water and salt, meat and egg colors, stamps, legally permissible, minerals, vitamins and amino acids used.
  • Organic food feed or processing of raw materials and the use of ionizing radiation is prohibited.
  • Organic products, genetically modified organisms or products derived from these organisms should be made use of.
  • Organic farming method produced vegetable, animal and fishery products and organic raw materials; semi finished or finished products of organic matter in the nature of modification.