Gold Aluminum Packaging with Side Gusset


Gold Aluminum Packaging with Side Gusset

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Gold Aluminum Packaging with Side Gusset have a high barrier feature thanks to the aluminum foil lamination we use in the middle of their 3-layer structure. It protects your product at a high level against light as well as oxygen and water vapor. It has a stylish appearance with its gold color. It is one of the most useful helpers when it comes to maintaining the freshness of the first day of your product throughout its shelf life. It allows you to fit more products in small boxes and achieve space efficiency on the shelves.

  • Is produced with 3-layer laminated flexible packaging films and aluminum foil.
  • Thanks to its high barrier properties, it helps with the preservation of the first day freshness of your product throughout its shelf life.
  • Designed to protect your product against dust, oxygen, odor and moisture.
  • Valve can be applied especially for coffee-like products.
  • Provides product safety thanks to its easy-opening notch and heat-sealing feature. It guarantees that customer opens your product for the first time.
  • Suitable for direct food contact (certified).
  • Thanks to its lightweight design, provides logistics advantages.
  • Easy to fill.
  • Can be custom printed.
  • Environmentally friendly.


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