Mask Packaging protects the mask hygienically for a long time thanks to the special materials used in its production and its zip-lockable mouth.

Metallized doypack and gold metalized doypack, which are mask packaging types, while the transparent area on the front of the packaging adds visual value to the product; the metallized area on the back gives it a stylish and modern look.

The transparent bag, on the other hand, is one of the most preferred mask packaging, thanks to its economic nature and the opening-closing feature at the mouth of the package. The entire packaging is transparent, allowing full visibility of the product.

Kraft Mask Packaging, on the other hand, gives the product a natural and stylish appearance with its windowed front. Kraft material protects the mask and keeps it hygienic for a long time. This package also has an on-off feature. In this way, it ensures easy use for end users and keeps the mask more hygienic. All products have a stand up bag feature.


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