Side Gusseted Packaging


Side Gusseted Packaging


Side Gusseted Bags, which are preferred due to their large interior volume and provide wide advertising opportunities thanks to their four sides, keep the product inside dry and clean, thanks to their high barrier properties and solid material structure, and provide a prolonged shelf life.

  • Rotogravure or flexo printing can be applied.
  • Coating or paper effect surface can be made from completely matte material.
  • Partial or local lacquer can be applied.
  • With the valve option, it allows the gas accumulated in the packaging to be discharged for coffee varieties.
  • Mechanical or laser perforation can be applied.
  • Suitable for food and non-food use.
  • Handle is applicable.
  • It can be produced in accordance with the needs of the product inside.
  • It can be used especially for coffee, herbal teas, candies, snacks, dry food, raw materials etc.
  • It enables the product to enter the market without making high-cost investments such as a filling machine for new businesses and product groups.


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