White Aluminium Side Gusseted Bag

Side Gusseted Bags are widely chosen for their high inner volume and they provide wide advertisement options with their four facades;

  • With its form it increases the perceptibility of the product on the shelves and draws attention.
  • It can be manufactured with the specifications according to the needs of the product inside.
  • With options like euro hole and hanger hole, it provides different presentation options.
  • It provides presentation option for your brand with Flexo, Rotogravure Print and Etiquette applicability.
  • It provides ventilation of the collected gas in the package with its valve option for the coffee type products.
  • It provides refill option without loss.
  • It provides market entry for the products for new businesses and product groups without making high cost investments like filling machine.
  • With its light-weight and high inner volume, it is economical and decreases the logistic costs.
  • Especially used for assorted nuts, coffee, spices, birdseeds, fish grains, herbal teas, candy, snacks, dry food, etc.

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