Microwaveable Bags

Microwaveable Bag

Our product is food contact safe and microwaveable with its special structure.

  • Due to the features of the materials used in its production, it decreases the inside product's air and humidity permeability to the minimum and prolongs its shelf life and keeps it fresh.
  • With its transparent structure it makes it possible for the client to be able to see the product.
  • It is eligible for pasteurization process.
  • It keeps the savour and the aroma of the product inside for a long time.
  • Etiquette Applicable
  • Printing can be applied
  • Especially preferred widely for packaging of fast food, food sauces, liquid foods, etc.

About Microwaveable Bags

Microwaveable bags which can optionally be produced in all packaging forms, can be placed in the microwave thanks to their structural features.
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