Doypack Bags

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Doypack also known as the stand up pouch, sitting pouch , zipper bag, side gusseted bag and bottom bellow bag add value to your product with its elegant designs and zipper feature.
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We would like to share some information about the Doypack which is a popular packaging and marketing tool nowadays.

Doypack (stand up pouch/standing pouch/zipper bag) take their name from the French inventor, Louis Doyen, who invented the packaging. The word is used as an abbreviation of DOYen PACKaging.

Doypack, due to the features of the materials used in their production, provide a natural and elegant visual to your product. They are eligible for food or non-food use and keep your product fresh. Zipper, Valve and Printing can be applied on Doypack.

Doypack is especially used for assorted nuts, coffee, spices, birdseeds, fish grains, herbal teas, candies, snacks, dry food, etc.