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Retort Bag

Retort (Sterilization eligible food package) Bag is a package type which allows the food inside to be sterilized with the autoclave process with high barrier feature.

  • Retort package was developed to meet the needs of the U.S.A. Army's heat treatment resistant bag. Its purpose is to create a light, long lasting, logistically practical package.
  • Its Shelf Life is as long as the metal boxes and glass jars.
  • Due to the features of the materials used in its production, it decreases the inside product's air and humidity permeability is near zero. In the flexible packaging segment, it is the highest barrier product.
  • It has 4 layer lamination structure consisting of special films. For transparent product demands, the production of 3 layer structure with innovative materials is also possible.
  • Tear Notches can be added
  • Bag; It transfers the heat to the critical point faster than the glass and tin boxes. This way the edges of the product will not get over cooked while the necessary heat for the sterilization reaches the critical points at the process. When put into this package, the food products which lose their quality during the process cycle will not lose their nature and also it prevents losing the nutritional values of the heat sensitive nutrition materials.
  • The stocked packages will need much smaller volumes of space in comparison to glass and tin boxes. This ratio can be reported as 1 to 10.
  • Widely used in Fast Food, food sauces, drinks, etc.

About Retort Packaging, Retort Pouch

Retort Packaging also known as the sterilization suitable bag, ready meal bag and autoclave suitable bags are the durable bags which provide long shelf life.
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