Three Side Seal Bags

Three Side Seal Bag

Three Side Seal Bags are widely used in Food, Textile and etc. sectors. They eliminate the need for the machine investment.

  • It can be manufactured with the specifications according to the needs of the product inside.
  • With options like euro hole and hanger hole, it provides different presentation options.
  • It provides presentation option for your brand with Flexo, Rotogravure Print and Etiquette applicability.
  • With its eligible material structure it provides vacuum application.
  • Zipper can be applied
  • It provides refill option without loss.
  • It provides market entry for the products for new businesses and product groups without making high cost investments like filling machine.
  • With its light-weight and high inner volume, it is economical and decreases the logistic costs.
  • Textile products, consumer ready foods, sauces, electronics, machine and automotive spare parts, milk and dairy products, meat and meat products, spices, dried food and raw material.

About Three Side Seal Bags

Three side seal bags also known as the flat bag, three side seal pouch and three side sealing package are the functional packages that can be produced as a vacuum bag if needed and used in many areas such as food and non-food.
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