An Ideal Lidding Film Draws Attention to Your Food Product

The attractiveness, safety and functionality of packaging are crucial features for successful fresh food brands.

To sell your product, choose a lidding film with ideal properties that fit and even improve the product performance from production to consumption.

What Makes A Perfect Lidding Material ?

First of all, a material that maintains a good seal. But it also has to withstand the rigours of the supply chain and end up on the shelves looking good. Not to mention that it has to be compatible with other materials in the packaging laminate.

Differentiation is paramount

The quality of packaging is one of the key differentiators today. If there is nothing that sets your packaging apart, you end up wasting business potential – other things being equal, it is the products that have the most attractive packaging that get picked up by consumers.

Using polypropylene base materials for lidding means excellent clarity and more choices in visual design.

Product safety and durability

For a long lasting final product, it must be ensured that it has a tight seal and the toughness to withstand the rigours of the logistics chain must be ensured.

When packing content under modified atmosphere (MAP), a good oxygen barrier is imperative. Long shelf life is achieved by adding a layer of EVOH for oxygen barrier.

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