The factors influencing doypack packaging prices have always been the issue to be wondered by the customers. The major reason for this is that it is perceived as expensive at first glance compared to the simple bags of poor materials. In fact, considering its features such as its superior barrier, added value to the product inside by its elegant design, and practical usability by its zipper, their prices are very reasonable compared to the value added.

They key factors influencing the prices of doypack packaging can be mentioned under three major groups as the type of the material, the quality of the material and the amount of the material. If we explain these issues a little bit more, it will be understood clearly.

First of all, doypack packaging is made of laminated materials. It means that it is made by superposing plates of several different materials. Generally they are laminated for 2, 3 or 4 times. And, the material used in this process directly influence the price.

For example, PE (Polyethylene) material costs more than CPP material, but they can be used as a substitute for each other in a layer of lamination. Naturally, in this case, it increases the price of doypack packaging which is made of PE material.

As mentioned above, the quality of the material is the second major factor influencing the prices of doypack packaging. Raw materials made of the same elements may also be of different quality categories. When we state, the higher quality the material, the more expensive the product, we mean that the quality of the material is directly the determining factor of the quality.

The amount of the material used during production is the third major factor influencing the prices of doypack packaging. The amount of material used can be varied in two ways. The first of them is the thickness, and the second is the size. In other words, when we want to produce a thicker layer during lamination, or when we make a bigger size of doypack packaging consisting of layers of the same thickness, we need to use more material. This is a factor directly influencing the cost.

Apart from them, the cases such as the printing and using special locks may also change doypack prices. But we can say that the three issues mentioned above are the major factors influencing the prices of doypack packaging.