As Eska Packaging, we always try to be innovative and to produce new packaging solutions to meet our customers’ needs. “Eska Kraft Windowed Doypack” is our new product that we have developed in this understanding. It can be produced just by Eska Packaging in Turkey at the moment.

With an expanded window, Eska Kraft Windowed Doypack is a new version of doypack packaging with standard kraft window on the market. It is the ideal solution for the users who want to see more of the product in doypack package and for the ones who also want this package to be in kraft structure.


The general properties of Eska Kraft Windowed Doypack can be listed as follows;

– It is a kraft paper coated doypack with a transparent window that is suitable for keeping food.

– Thanks to the characteristics of the materials used in production; the product has a natural and elegant image.

– Through the wide window on the front side of the kraft coated bag, the product in the bag can be displayed better.

– Lock can be applied.

– Printable.

– Keeps the product fresh inside.

– It is suitable to keep food and non-food products.

– It is particularly suitable for keeping nuts and dried fruits, coffee, spices, bird food, fish food, herbal teas, candies, snacks, dried food, etc.